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Thread: Unknown farm near Chellaston

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    Quote Originally Posted by fezzyben View Post
    I have since managed to find out the farm is called Bird's nest farm
    That's a really nice name. :)

    Sorry about your scare with the owl. It might have been trying to deflect you from it's nesting site...or maybe it was just as startled by you as you by it!

    It just occured to me looking at those styes again, that those would have been used for the sows when they had their young. I've seen many a litter of lovely little piglets in styes like that...and I've just had a bacon sandwich for lunch earlier! Now I feel bad! :(
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    Quote Originally Posted by fezzyben View Post
    ahh yeah, asless and I were wondering why it had been abandoned, oh well he got some laughs when i screamed like a girl when an owl flew out at me
    It sounded like fun,sorry I couldnt make this one,great pics as always guys,especially love the disguises in pic one

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