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Jul 25, 2017
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Château Assassins Creed #03

by Broken Window Theory

This is a place where time has just stopped. Here, the past is present, and entering this house is a journey through history. It is the manor of knights. Once, a noble family was living in this French château, with good connections to the royals. But the nobles vanished, and they left behind their grand home with all the personal belongings and precious heirlooms. What happened here? We set out on a search for clues through time.

Château Assassins Creed #01

by Broken Window Theory

The wallpaper is peeling, mold is spreading. This is not a home anymore, it has been uninhabited for decades already. This time, we are exploring a dilapidated château in the middle of nowhere. It is located in a small village of only 100 inhabitants. Long ago, the local lord built himself a small castle. But not much is left of the former pomp and splendor. In the past 50 years, the ensemble slid into obscurity. The residents were forgotten. We want to tell their story.

Château Assassins Creed #02

by Broken Window Theory

The interior emanates an authentic charm of times gone by. Furniture and items from different ages come together in this mansion. Each new generation dwelling here left behind pieces of their life. It all started back in the 18th century when the château was constructed. The family that built it came from a dynasty of knights that served the French royal house. Members of this clan were aldermen and mayors, high-ranking military personnel, or squires. It is said, one of them was even the king’s secretary! They owned many properties in the country, and this was supposed to be their stately home, befitting of their grandeur. The basement was the place for their social gatherings - a real man cave, as you see here:

Château Assassins Creed #09

by Broken Window Theory

This structure has been abandoned for so long that it is already collapsing in parts. This house was passed on to the closest family members for generations. But eventually, the age of knights and kings ended, and this family lost their influence. That is why parts of the château do not look glamorous at all.

Château Assassins Creed #33

by Broken Window Theory

Many of the items here can be dated back to the 70s and 80s. In our opinion, that is when the château became abandoned. Basically in every corner of this house, there are old, musty books and magazines about different subjects. The last generation living here had a wide spread of interests. They were privileged. They could spend a lot of time reading, not working. But the property was only a shadow of its former self. In the past century, the beauty from previous times was already gone, together with the wealth of the family. Only memories remain of the golden days.

Château Assassins Creed #10

by Broken Window Theory

Those who once resided in this house passed away - but their heirs still live on today, elsewhere. They never claimed what is theirs. Maintenance of such a structure costs a fortune, especially since this was listed as a heritage-protected building. Also, the inheritance fees were probably an insurmountable hurdle for the heirs. Abundance and grandeur were matters of the past. So instead, thieves broke in and looted the valuable family heirlooms - leading to inheritance disputes. What remains is a neglected homestead, crumbling by the day - a true time capsule that preserves 300 years of history, only accessible to those who are curious.

Château Assassins Creed #26

by Broken Window Theory

If you want to see more of this abandoned manor you should head over to YouTube next and watch our exploration:


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