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Ivy Fram House

Going back to 2014 when i made this visit but had been on the cards for some time

Thanks for looking
Hey Sam! Haven't seen this place in years so cheers for sharing the video!

I moved the post to the video thread but maybe next time, pop the photographs up on a report with the history etc.

Either way, cheers for posting it!
Abandoned Train Tunnels

So me and my cousin found these abandoned train tunnels near where we live and we decided to check them out on camera. We don't get to the tunnels until around the 5:30 mark. It was honestly so long and freezing when inside. Take a look for yourself to see what it is like and i'll be sure to give out the location to anyone that wants it.

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Wow nice thread - havent seen this befor but been looking though today - So like most people i film my explores .. this one is my newist one iv uploaded

The name of this house always been a hit or miss tbh ... I know it was Ride manor it no secert place but think it now work being done to it ... Anyways hope you enjoy.

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Hey guys - So i upload weekly on to youtube . Anything i find intresting... this week upload is abanoned coal mine collery in kent

So, as I said (a while ago :LOL:) in my introduction, I used to explore some sites in Thailand.
I wanted to share 3 or 4 places, but as what I do is videos for my YouTube channel, I don't have decent pictures for the kind of text/pictures reports that are the standard here (and anyway, the explanations about the site are in the video description and commentary).
And I stumbled on this thread, which may be a good place to start. Tell me what you think :)

Let's start with some unfinished / abandoned hotels in Phuket's jungle. There are a few of them on the island, investments stopped out of lack of funding or legal disputes, that are just left standing as concrete monuments to the vanity of humans' business activities...