Il Palazzo d'Oro - Italy, June 2020

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Jul 25, 2017
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Completely retaken by nature and forgotten over time, this deserted home preserves memories of the past. Once a wealthy Italian family was living in this mansion - with its landlord being a well-read and studied aristocrat. But more than 20 years ago, life for the family changed when they just abandoned their home - and along with it, everything inside.

Despite its grand name "Golden Villa" the place itself is fairly anonymous. For busy passers-by, it is basically hidden - it is just a long grey façade. From the street, you do not see that it is unkempt and overgrown - and even partially collapsed. In fact, it looks more like an old farmyard rather than something I would call "Golden Villa". But looks can be deceiving.

Arrived at the inner courtyard, most of the walls are covered with a thick green layer, and beneath it, you can see that the houses are rotting away. This place has sat empty for a few decades already. But at first glance, it would seem as if the former residents have just vanished, and all their belongings are still here. Above you can see what we have found inside the former workshop - a motorboat! We wonder if it is still working. On the walls, there are also harnesses and other horse tack. I guess they were using their horses for the farm work back in the day.

The "Golden Villa" lives up to its name! Arrived at the living quarters we found several grand parlors with artwork everywhere! All of this is a strong contrast to the plain exterior of the building. Looking around inside this clearly seems like an aristocratic manor house. A rich family was living here.

By investigating the numerous bedrooms we get the impression that only a small part of the large house was occupied when it was abandoned around 20 years ago. Most of the other chambers were already deserted before that. That is because, in the end, there was not a family living here anymore but only one person. We found out that the children moved out and the last resident was living here all alone at the end. Two decades ago, he passed away.


Currently, the "Golden Villa" is still family property. The heirs saved most of the personal belongings and removed some of the other furniture but left large parts of the house untouched. There could be several reasons for this, but family disputes and excessive inheritance taxes are the most likely ones.


The veil of forgetfulness has embraced the heirs' abandoned legacy - and even though we tried to lift it, it will only be temporary. Most memories of this place seem to have faded already, and the major part of its story is irretrievably lost. And so, the plain building will remain inconspicuous until it crumbles one day and then falls into oblivion - something that, in reality, has already happened.


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Jun 7, 2014
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Amazing that, nicely reported