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Mar 31, 2023
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I explored this place a few months ago and just wanted to add a current update on the place. I belive the current building was built around 160 years ago and was abandoned around 2000 due to the old building not meeting updated building requirements for carehomes. the stucture is compleately cracking and falling apart now. A friend originally sent this place to me and one day I decided to check it out. First I flew the drone over to see how easy the access would be and to get some arial pictures, after getting those pictures I checked how to get in and it was very easy. Its very overgrown which makes for some cool photos. The inside is completely destroyed and has been set on fire and the floor in one room has collapsed into the basement I didn't dare go any further than the first couple of downstairs rooms as its so unstable and destroyed. If your reading this and you know whare it is and decide to go please be careful and I would probably say just to peak through the door as the floor or celing is unstable and likely to collapse. Anyways, here are the photos

dji_fly_20230416_150324_383_1681654159696_photo_optimized.jpg dji_fly_20230416_150558_387_1681654163692_photo_optimized.jpg 20230416_152606.jpg 20230416_152633.jpg 20230416_152715.jpg dji_fly_20230416_150538_386_1681654163012_photo_optimized.jpg dji_fly_20230416_150432_384_1681654161688_photo_optimized.jpg 20230416_152740.jpg

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