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Mar 25, 2008
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The_revolution and I set out one morning to take a look around the old Crown Court building in Sheffield. Alas, we were unable to gain access. So we tried another building I fancied a go at. The former Sheffield Central Post Office, located on Fitzalan Square.

Fitzalan Square was created in 1881 when Market Street and its buildings were demolished, the early square had a substantial cab stand and clock. However, this was demolished in 1913 to make way for a bronze statue of King Edward VII by Alfred Drury (1857-1944). This was unveiled by the Duke of Norfolk on 27 October 1913, and stands to this day.

Sheffield's Head Post Office operated in the square for almost ninety years. Built in 1910 as an addition to the 1897 post office building on Flat Street, it closed in 1999, with the main post office moving to new premises within the Co-op store on Angel Street. The Grade II listed Post Office building was up for sale for a considerable time before finally being sold for development in early 2006.

We gained access to the site and took a wander around the sorting and distribution areas. Or at least, what is left of them - demolition is well under way.

After covering the semi demolished areas, we turned our sights towards the main building. I managed to gain access through a rather hazardous route and unfortunately The_Revolution was unable to follow. I explored the building, trying not to take too long, but there is quite a lot to see. Upon reaching one area, I found another far easier access, so called The_Revolution over and we set out to cover the whole building. After a good session of exploring, we were about to leave the same way we came in when I heard voices outside. Peaking out the window revealed four people - workmen and security. An alternative egress was rapidly found and used. We were able to meander out without being seen.

Walking back to the car, the route taking us past the rear entrance, a fit of mischievousness over took me. Causing me to walk into the site and ask if I could take a shot of the fire escape. Permission duly acquired, and the shot was mine :)

Basement of the sorting building.

Funky stairs

Sleeping Giant

Sorting Offices

What remains of the distribution centre

Upstairs to the Graphics room and offices

Loading and unloading bay

The first room in the main building - a toilet. Lots of signs reminding people to flush the toilet, and to use the loo brush to clear the bowl if required. Lovely.

The main room, shot from the reception area

Fitzalan Square

Office, off the main room

Containing these

Fab woodwork on the walls

And plans on the desk


Lift and corridor

The secure area


The pass through, from the outside

And from the inside

Secure booths

Store room

Bars and peeling paint

Many keys

Back out of the secure area, and we find staff tea mugs

Former rec room

Instruction sheet

The fabulous staircase

Old stove, previously hidden behind plaster

I wasn't too sure about going in here...

The cupola above the staircase from the inside

And from the outside

The_Revolution on the roof ladder

360 degree panorama

A hastily created guestbook on the way out, whilst trying not to be seen

The cheeky fire escape shot
Haha! Yes room 101, you WILL be made right-thinking Mr Crashmatt! :mrgreen:

Great pics as always my man
unfortunately The_Revolution was unable to follow
That was a polite way of saying I wussed out of the original way in :lol:

Anyway on to the 1st batch of my photos. This was the first time I'd ever tried long exposure shots in the dark. Mixed results but some of them turned out ok.


One of the demolition machines (or roof restoration plant if you happen to be the owner of certain Derby theatre.....)


View towards the demolished end of the building.


A staircase inside one of the outbuildings.


Caged offices within the delivery area


The spiral staircase inside the main building.
great stuff, chaps!
looks an interesting building with some nice old features, i like the old stove, and the staircase.
shame the court visit wasn't possible, but an excellent 'plan B' report!:mrgreen:
Well done for getting in (& out!) guys. Got some good pics here, like 3rd pic down of the 'sleepung giant' & the staircase looks cool.
nice explore!!!

looks like a huge site! from those plans I hope the main building remains, looks loverly inside with the ER symbols on everything! :) and that staircase is pretty nice! even though its only 2storeys they've pushed the boat out!
Samantha Janus - you never told me that; I might of come and had a look (stop laughing at the back....:lol:)

A few more of my photos.


Token ruined corridor shot, full of itchy insulation, I hate that stuff.


Panorama from the corner of the roof looking along Flat Street / Pond Street toward Sheffield Hallam University. The big white building is a newer Royal Mail building. If I looked a bit more carefully at what I was taking pictures of I might of realised the main gates had been opened as the demolition workers were starting work....


The Claw!
wow - nice to see this place again - very sad to see it being demolished / converted

i visited in may 2007 , thanks to Angel and the sheffield explorers from 28DL

here are a few different views from that trip

the main hall of the sorting office


emergency generator panel


phone in the supervisors booth


the power of water - vast sections of the wooden floor were swollen and buckled



dead letters


the main staoir really is beautifull


mail chute