St Cohan's - Cornwall - Oct 19

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Jun 7, 2014
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Another back catalogue out the way, it was awful weather when I visited here so have done some rubbish editing to get rid of water spots.

Dedicated to St Cohan, who supposedly came to Cornwall from Brittany, and built his chapel and baptistery in a field still referred to as Scoan’s Field. The church dates from around 1370, and consists of Nave, Chancel and South Aisle

Built around 1370, Merther Church enjoyed a loyal congregation right up until the end of the 19th century, even benefitting from an impressive restoration in 1844. But by the turn of the century it seems there was less money for church renovations and a wooden shed-like structure was built on top of the tower to house the bells and presumably save the cost of rebuilding

After the Church was restored in 1844, the population shifted to Tresillian and once Holy Trinity became the parish church, Merther inevitably declined. It retained an intact roof up to the 1940s but, patriotically, the lead from the roof valley was removed to help the war effort which finally sealed its fate, with the last service being held on 25th July 1945.
Two of the three bells were removed to Tresillian as part of the 1904 reconstruction of Tresillian, the third was removed to Kenwyn for safe keeping and was subsequently incorporated into the expanded ring of six at St Clement (from whence it can still be heard across the water in Merther)

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