Stammerham Junction.

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James Hall

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Sep 20, 2005
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Barns - Post Medieval, c.18th-19thC Abandoned 1990s, now back in use.

Cottages: built c.1860s Abandoned c.1990s.

Railway: built 1862-5, closed 14.6.1965

Platforms: built 1902 as Christ's Hospital (West Horsham) Station, most was closed 14.6.1965, but the rest remains open.

Hazards: Cattle in barn are visited by the farmer regularly, site is within view of a public area, cameras on one of the access routes.

Webpage(s) : Derelict Horsham & Sub-Urban.

Cottages don't usually generate a lot of interest on their own, but the presence of the cottages (which are in themselves fairly unique), barns, and railway Junction here make this one different, in fact I have been surprised by the number of enquiries concerning this location, so I thought I'd put it up as a location report. It is a truly unique location, and is a bit odd too, it may be trashed in places, but it's also still got most of the contents which one would expect to have been taken away by the last owners, including furniture and glassware.
The railway platforms also make this location worthy of the interest it generates, the remains of a station built in anticipation of a new town which never came, history often cyclic, however, and today the possibility of mass construction schemes looms on the horizon once again.

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