The farm of the wickey tree, Middle England.

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I travel alone. Wanderlust
Feb 20, 2019
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When you get offered a location that is only about a 30 minute drive from home, only a fool would choose not to pop along and have a mooch



Thinking hmmm! nice sign


Apparently this place is known as the "toy mansion" within the Urbex Uk world.


How lovely, no doors to "stumble" and "fall" against, no windows to climb through, and who doesn't enjoy a bit of danger.

Let's mooch


A good start, nicely dim but bereft of treasure.


The remains of what seems to be an old coal fired boiler.


I saw a couple of vintage deck chairs at a local car boot the other Sunday priced at £20 each, AH Harr! There be treasure in these here parts.


Haven't cars evolved, I drive an Astra, in fact I have had 4 different Astra's over the years. My current one is very very fast.

I completed my third speed awareness course last friday and will also have a clean licence come August, unless................!!!


"Oh my days, Ted, Ted, TED! a visitor, and look at the state of me dancing round for your amusement""




I am getting the understanding now of why it is called the toy mansion.


Lovely 60's mantlepiece with contrasting wall paper too


A dark set of stairs beckoned, should I? Edit - *PROFANITY REMOVED*

Let's go!




Feeling a little light headed with all this unexpected excitement it was rather fun balancing on the beams.....


....and for my efforts!


There was a lot of pre 60's brown furniture in the bedrooms, I guess the farm ownership is generational.


Did a search, there was a haulage company using this farm as its registered head office from 1999. Run it seems by three named Atkins.

It was forced into liquidation by the courts in 2004 and was eventually wound up in 2008 then dissolved in 2011. Not surprising really when two of the officer out of three each took £20k a year as "loans" in the first couple of years from a fledgling company.


Spending the company money on flash cars indeed.


Waddington's table soccer the poor mans Subbuteo , I had both, I was a spoilt little brat.


The yellow fronted blue peter annual dates from 1964, and is the first one released, similar copies are selling on that well known auction site for a minimum of £65. The other from 1967 you can pick up for £15.

The Rupert Annuals £80 a pop.

There be treasure

The tourbus thieves missed these!!!




Time to have a mooch through the out buildings


The usual stuff you find in barns at farms, scrap cars and vintage tractors, and stuff that gets thrown out


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