Two Storey Pillbox, East Sussex - January 2015

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Jan 9, 2013
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Kent/West Pomerania, Poland
I've been meaning to check this one out when visiting relatives on a number of occasions now and finally got round to it! It's a real beaut' I'll think you'll agree! It was basically purposely built in the area to give a better vantage point for defending an anti-tank ditch. It's a good job I was wearing my wellies, otherwise it would have been a pain jumping the stream with a load of camera gear on me! I didn't bother getting a shot of the front because there was a lot of vegetation obscuring it, so much so that you couldn't really see the front loopholes. Also not pictured is the bottom level, which was merely a midge filled cavity, not a lot going on but I suppose that it would have been an ammunition store.

At the rear.
DSC03475 by SlimJim UE, on Flickr

Looking up the ladder.
DSC03481 by SlimJim UE, on Flickr

Looking down the ladder.
DSC03476 by SlimJim UE, on Flickr

Concrete shelves for Bren gun tripods to sit! :D Ooo!
DSC03492 by SlimJim UE, on Flickr

Some other loopholes at the top.
DSC03487 by SlimJim UE, on Flickr

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