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Jun 7, 2014
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I don't do much for charity to be honest, but a few months ago a small add on fb caught my eye!
I have an autistic 11yr old lad for a start, Im a bit of an adrenalin junkie & of course a chance to get inside an iconic local "derelict" landmark.
The Northampton Lift Tower aka The Northampton Lighthouse.

So a plan was hatched, the only snag being Id have to jump off the bloody thing!!!!
It seemed like a great idea at the time, but I have no shame in admitting it was absolutely terrifying.
I have done a parachute jump but that gives no real sense of height. At 418ft this is incredibly high whilst still retaining the ability to see where you would actually die should you fall.
Obviously I didn't thanks to an incredibly well organised team.
I raised some good money, but could always do with more that can be done here ;-)


Ok plug out the way lets get on to the visit. Needless to say they didn't let me jump with my camera in hand, but they did let me back up for a few shots. I really only had 2 mins while they took another group of jumpers up & was literally taking pics while walking so apologies its not one of my best posts.

Ok the tower was designed by Marice Walton & was built in 78. It has been used by various companys but is best known as the express lift tower and is the only lift testing tower in Britain & one of only 2 in Europe.
The tower was sold from Express in 97 to OTIS but closed in 99 & was sold on to Wilcox homes for development hence it now sits in a housing estate.
This was also used by BSI for setting standards for lifts in the uk.
Despite rumours of "concrete rot" & several attempts to develop the tower itself was given a listing in 97.
The tower is not strictly derelict (sorry admin) as it was reopend in 2009 for "lift research" & a drainage test facility but I don't believe there is actually much apart from charity abseils that go on there.
Planning permission for a café & viewing gallery has recently been turned down.

Interestingly a recently deceased work colleague of mine was site agent when the housing was built, he told me a story of 2 base jumpers asking to jump from the tower. He could not grant permission for this of course, but said "if you come back at midnight it may be unlocked ;-)" the rest is history!

Heres the few pics I did manage to get

35269478950_32a9e920c8_b.jpg IMG_7065 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

34847491513_603410284f_b.jpg IMG_7024 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

35526334911_f11ae8152f_b.jpg IMG_7026 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

35526345391_b55804e7cf_b.jpg IMG_7030 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

35526388901_4a9252a407_b.jpg IMG_7038 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

35269463910_2b6571690b_b.jpg IMG_7052 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

35269474570_0c5af5be00_b.jpg IMG_7061 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

35526386941_ff210fdb3f_b.jpg IMG_7037 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

35656690765_56d15d3c7f_b.jpg IMG_7044 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

35526391051_426083bc31_b.jpg IMG_7039 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

35526347771_dd4a37daeb_b.jpg IMG_7031 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

35526305071_1ccf255c79_b.jpg IMG_7019 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

35269385740_2bdb529616_b.jpg IMG_7028 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

35487770192_b6a9bf4f26_b.jpg IMG_0001 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

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