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Default Whittingham Asylum: October 2011

Came here about a month ago and the first time we got nabbed but the next day we were in but as it's huge we had to go back again and we still not seen even half it did I say it's HUGE!!!

There were extra fences up and on the way, my fellow explorer lucky pants spotted a security van heading towards us, just had time to get into the trees as they drove past very slowly haha was ACE!

snarfed from wiki...

Whittingham Hospital, whose grounds adjoin the village of Goosnargh, grew to be the largest mental hospital in the country, and pioneered the use of electroencephalograms (EEGs). During its time it had its own church, farms, railway, telephone exchange, post office, reservoirs, gas works, brewery, orchestra, brass band, ballroom and butchers.[5]

In 1866, the three Lancashire lunatic asylums at Prestwich, Rainhill and Lancaster were deemed to be full.[6] The building of Whittingham Asylum began in 1869, originally to accommodate 1000 patients.[7] It was built from brick made from clay dug on site from a pit which later became a fish pond.[8]

The hospital officially opened on 1 April 1873. The large site included an Anglican church, a Catholic chapel, a recreation hall (also used as a ballroom) and several farms.[9]

The Whittingham Hospital Railway was a two-mile (3 km) private branch to Grimsargh, built in 1887, to provide coal and other goods. It also provided free transport for staff and passengers.[10] It eventually closed in on 30 June 1957.[11]

In the early years there was a brewery on the site.[12] At the end of the first World War, a part of the hospital (later known as “St Margaret’s Division”) was used as a military hospital.[13] It was again used for this purpose during the second World War.[14]

By 1923, the hospital was known as “Whittingham Mental Hospital”.[13] By 1939, the number of patients was 3533, with a staff of 548, making it the largest mental hospital in the country.[14]

By 1948, it had incorporated Ribchester Hospital, and became known as “Whittingham Hospital”.

The Mental Health Act of 1960 deemed large institutions like Whittingham to be out of favour. Allegations of cruelty to patients led to a public inquiry.[15]

During the 1970s and 1980s, new drugs and therapies were introduced. Long-stay patients were returned to the community or dispersed to smaller units around Preston. The hospital eventually closed in 1995. [15]

Enough already lets pik....


Thanks for looking

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