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Default Park Farm Nursery, Chingford - April 12

Drove past this place a few times and noticed the roof poking over the top of the fence. Finally decided to give it a go and very happy we did!!

Don't no much about this place and what it once was, however my Aunt lives a minute away and told me she thinks it was a farm shop once upon a time.

On the boarder of Chingford and Waltham Abbey, it has been purchased by Atlantic and 12, 3 bed chalet bungalows are being planned for the site.

It took a very muddy boot and a scary 'brick mountain' climb to get there, but was well worth it.

The site contains 5 green houses, a few sheds, and 2 houses.

No photos of the 2nd house as of yet due to what I guess is a squatter in there, but hopefully we will get some soon. Was weird walking into the building and switching the light on for it to work. Then seeing how clean it was, a hoover in the corner, TV, sofa and a fresh pair of trainers placed neatly to the side. So we left and set up a chair outside the front door, which had been moved the next day.

Explored with Veni vidi vici and his girlfriend.

On with the photos -

Some form of bunker just outside the cottage.

From what it would seem, the house was last lived in around 1984

Bedford coat of arms - god knows what this is though, any ideas?

Some form of phone, I think. Looks old whatever it is!! Again any knowledge would be appreciated!

Now the site is just used as a dumping ground

Maybe Eddie The Eagle is an explorer... Or squatter..

Saw a fox looking lost while entering, didn't seem to bothered about running away.. Maybe he was sad about this :-(

Once we have figured how to do the other building, there will be more pics :-)

Cheers for looking!!

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