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Default Scientist Manor / Red Dress Manor - November 2012

After visiting a few sites in the vicinity, it was decided that a trip back here, might be a nice idea......

I've called it scientists manor as this is what it was first named when it was found, since then i think it has more commonly become known as red dress manor......

i first visited here in early May, it had had very few visits at the time, and whilst being derped, and showing excessive wear and tear, it was in interesting condition, so much stuff in tact, and was an odd and eerie day out... ( i've been to my share of derphouses and that but this one felt a bit queer )
i said to the original finder that i would keep it secret, keep it safe and i always did, it obviusly did get out there more and reports moved from being non-public to more public, but it did fortunately retain a code name in one way shape or form.....

now i totally agree with code naming places like this, quite categorically, it is somebodies life that you are noseying through..... but on my re-visit it was really saddening to see the disregard that some "visitors" have had for the persosn stuff,
much stuff has grown legs and left, and much stuff has been mindlessly flung to the floor, so i guess in a gentle way it should be a reminder that coded or not... and careful as we (as derpers) can soon as somethings public on a forum.... this is going to occur.... (this isn't a dig at all, i just think that having seen this place now including this info is noteworthy) (original set in case its of interest)

Also on another note, someones most definately squatting here now.... and someone is also feeding cats here..... the outhouse must have nigh on 50-60 empty catfood tin wrappers in it ...... (odd)


Thanks for Looking

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