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Default Barnes, Cheadle and Most UN-Haunted

Barnes convalescent hospital is a noticeable landmark and easily visible from the motorway and major roads around Cheadle. It is a stunning looking building, with a central clock and bell tower. The main building comprises of 2 long and legs extending from the central buildings with rooms stemming off a central corridor that runs the entire length of the building.

I first visited this place on new years day 2005, i was shown around by Valan and Nokturna and we were also joined by m00seofd00m. The building had suffered some vandalism and natural decay but remained largely in tact - behind the boards and vegetation there was a grand gothic looking building waiting to be uncovered.

On the first visit we covered a lot of ground including the all important tower climb. Who could resist sounding the almighty bell, not us!!

This bell was ripped from the tower weeks later, leaving a gaping hole in the side

A few months later we all heard that an episode of 'Most Haunted' had been shot at Barnes. There was some controversy over this as they shot it referring to the building as an asylum, when clearly it wasn't. Furthermore they played their supposed spirits to be that of twisted and confused people.

Why protest when you can just take the mickey back - Most UN-Haunted was devised and we returned to film our very own spoof!

The night before we went in to film, we approached the building to check if we would get away with filming without upsetting security - we didn't have much problem!! I took these shots on that night...

The next day we arrived. I (Derek A-HORE-A), Valan (Yvette Fieldmouse), Nokturna on camera and random long haired ghost, Jaff fox (Jeremy Spacesaver ), Lost, Sithean and others filmed away. The biggest problem we had was we couldn't stop laughing!!!

spooky wheelchair

Derek tries out his costume

The ghost of Nokturna comes whooshing past

Fillum crew

The kitchen where Derek gets posessed by hubert cumberdale

Introducing Jeremy

Derek takes off costume, scrambles up the clocktower, takes some photos and then returns to character!!!

In 2006, conversion started at Barned but mysteriously work stopped at a time when the building had been stripped right back to bare floors, ceilings, walls and all windows remained wide open and unboarded. 'Travelling folk' took over the site and spread their rubbish as far around the site as possible. These photos were taken in August 2007.

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