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Default Abandoned Village, South Wales

This is Boys Village near St. Athan in the Vale of Glamorgan. I don't know much about, but I know it's been abandoned for a few years now. The Wiki entry on the place is less than useful.

Having recently returned to the area I thought I'd best pay it a visit with my long time pal and fellow explorer duckandcover.

Sign on the roadside:

Village Green, church in the background:


Large dining hall:


The cover from a Bible:

Toilets in some kind of accomodation block:

Out the back of the diner's kitchen. Possibly chefs residence?


An old vacuum cleaner:

The village church:


On the steps to the alter:

On the floor in the church:

Also on the floor in the church, bit creepy:

Peeling paint:

Swimming Pool, this used to have a roof over it:

Pool filtration equipment:

A workshop:

Gymnasium / Basketball court:



In the changing rooms:

Residential living room:

This place...

...overlooks this place:

Youth games room. There was all sorts in here including arcade games and pool tables:

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