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Thread: Abandoned Garden Centre / Heritage Park Centre, Essex (At Night) Part 3

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    Default Abandoned Garden Centre / Heritage Park Centre, Essex (At Night) Part 3

    Good afternoon and the grand finale to our evening,

    If I'm brutally honest, We thought this place would be a doddle due to the location. Unfortuantly as The Smiths say "There is a light that never goes out" and in our case this was annoying, was it Secca, was it fellow Urbexer's, the location ruled out squatters surely! We sat at the entrance assessing what it could be and admittedly after 20-30 minutes decided to go and knock on the door of the lit room, no one was there and we assumed the tea and coffee facilities inside were part of a site office and they just forgot to turn the light off. So we started to have a wonder and take some pictures.

    John Travolta made us do it!

    We stopped to re-fuel.........

    We carried on round the building and found a little outer building.

    Now we saw another outer building and I peered through the glass as it was clearly alarmed so I wasn't going to attempt anything and jumped out of my skin!

    I didn't like that at all, why on earth would there be prams dotted about, however this is where things got really weird.

    This door was the only door open on-site that lead somewhere, excitement levels were high and there was stairs to the right and a large warehouse containing so many random items to the left. Now as we walked into the warehouse Mr Stride said he could hear music playing ever so faintly and we sort of laughed it off and just wanted to explore, immediately after the laughter we could hear only what could be described as creepy music that would be played on a jack in the box, and shuffling. We used big yellow to light the place up as we were concerned and we saw absolutely nothing. We promptly moved out of the warehouse and stood at the exit, now looking up the stairwell we could really hear this music clearer and we started to creep up the stairs, all of a sudden the sound of friction on a floor, that squeaky P.E sound at school followed by footsteps starting to come down the stairs. I'm not going to lie, we absolutely ran like the wind back to the car and have been pondering all night what on earth it could/who be.

    That sort of ended our night abruptly really, I just wish someone else was there to experience it.
    Thanks for reading and we will be back with some more reports soon, we certainly have unfinished business with this place.

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    Hmmm, this is a strange one. Instead of hoofing it back to your car you could do a Ninja special and just hide in the shadows to see who it was. Maybe you could go back again but during the day and pretend to be a curious tourist.
    When the going gets tough - the tough get going.

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