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Thread: Denge Sound Mirrors

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    Quote Originally Posted by strangely_brown;12597;
    I thoroughly recommend the book "echoes from the sky". Great history of the whole subject of acoustic aircraft detection and has some superb photos of these structures as well as the other mirrors around the coast. I have a pic of me in the late 70's standing on the 30ft mirror where they are bmxing in the photos above. I'll dig it out and scan it in.
    I can feel another trip coming on if anyones interested.
    i would like to see your photo from 70's that be as i heard it was not on an island back in the day.

    also you can find all the sound mirrors that are left still standing here..

    i was wondering the other day if that earth quake had, had any effect on the sound mirrors? will have to let us know if you go..

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    Yep, they started re-quarrying the shingle in the 80's and completely surrounded the mirrors. There was just a patch of water on the coast side of them last time I went out to them. I wouldn't think the earth quake had any effect. Underneath the shingle its basically peat. The fact that there was no mention of the power stations in the reports of the quake would indicate it din't affect that area at all. If I do go there I'll let you know. Mr_bones wants to come along and there's a few other things I want to visit the same day.

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    Right, if anyones interested we'll probably be going here either this w/e coming or the next. We'll do the denge mirrors, hythe mirrors and maybe camber castle. Visit probably the best pub in the UK and other stuff. PM me if you fancy a trip.

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