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Thread: Brownhill Batter Plymouth - July 2019

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    Default Brownhill Batter Plymouth - July 2019

    Hi All

    Day 2 of our road trip the first site we went to was an epic fail for both of us then the next site was an above and beyond fail for one of us (Not me - I feel your pain mate)......

    Anyway - Browns battery

    It`s built to the south east of Plymouth and there ain`t much there, if you look on G/E you might think that the site is empty but we did find a few thing - not much.

    From what I can find out the 2 remaining buildings we found are more than likely Gun cotton stores.
    This is only going to be a small post.

    The Battery was built around 1867 and was meant to have had 14 guns but this never happened, it looks like the land owner has gone out of his way to wipe this place off of the map.


    Well there you go, that`s Brownhill battery, don`t go to my FlickR site cos there`s bugger all extra there on this place.

    Thanks for looking anyway, all comments are welcome.

    Cheers Newage
    The Newage Traveller gaining entry so you don`t have to.....

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    Theres more to this place than we found - i'm sure Badoosh discovered an underground small section !!
    Need a re-visit during the winter/spring !!

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