Well where to start with this place, its nothing you havent seen before but as a car lover this was my first proper car graveyard I done & it blew my mind.

Iv been back here a few times & as you may know its mostly cleared now though a few relics still survive, I can only hope that everything that has been removed has been put to apropriate use

I couldnt find much history here so this has come from a prev report.

The Medler family are huge around this area. The elder, Lenny Medler made a living operating a large scrap metal and breakers yard from the back of his property. When he died in 1989, the yard was taken over by his wife, however it fell into disrepair, and soon nature started claiming it back.

The large "main" yard has long been cleared out, but Lenny had a habit of placing scrap wherever he could find room. A known eccentric, and classic "Norfolk man", he refused pay for a real office or outbuildings, fences and the like, he simply built them himself from scrap metal. He even refused to use banks, instead trusting his money to a makeshift safe (made from a wardrobe) in one of his outbuildings,

If you havent been I suggest you visit soon to catch a glimpse of whats left, the amount of pictures I have taken is testament to how much I liked this place so heres the slimmed down ones ;-)

& as Iv got one sitting in my garden it would be rude to not show yoiu the Moggy!

Thanks For Looking