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Thread: The Hoarder's Church, Scotland November 2018

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    Default weird you say that about how it feels in there..i explore mainly alone and this place was no different..i wandered about here first just looking at everything trying to figure out what the place was used as if anything.. i got my camera out and started snapping away and within about ten mins i started to feel a bit odd was overly silent in there yet i felt totally at ease ..but had this really sad feeling come over i am definatly not one for all that ghostly spiritual shite to be fair ..i left as it fell dark, with very few photos which for me is very unusual in a place like that thats sooo photogenic.. i sat in the car and realised that ide spent three hours basically wandering about there just looking at stuff.....

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    Hi new to this page so helloooo :) visited this little place a couple of weeks ago, it was slightly dark when we arrived but still amazing. Such a shame to see it the way it is because of the vandals :( great explore. I too felt heavy! Very eerie place

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    This place loots different with every set of pictures. This is a great set that captures the atmosphere and weirdness of it!

    I've visited this place quite a few times over the years. Great photography potential. Spent a few full days in their with others and on my own. Can't say I felt anything unusual. Spent a good bit of time reading letters and paperwork finding out the story of it. Sadly there was a fire a few weeks ago and alot of it is now destroyed bit its not completely wiped out. Roof is still OK.

    The owner lived in Edinburgh, worked as a telephonist at the MOD. Quite religious, she bought this old church and applied to the Scottish tourist board for funding to turn it into an "International Arts and Craft Centre" She didn't get the funding, lost her job and had to sell her house in Edinburgh and then moved in here. She had a boy and a girl who slept at opposite sides of the church, all their kids stuff is there inc Scouts,Girl guides and school records. All the woman's life story was/is there her bank statements, pay slips, letters to and from family. family photos etc. I did a bit of research trying to find any family members but couldn't.

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