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Thread: Black Potts House, Windsor July 2019

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    Default Black Potts House, Windsor July 2019

    Black Potts is a detached 19th century property with a boathouse and other ancillary buildings located on an island at the convergence of the River Thames and Jubilee River, with views towards Home Park and Windsor Castle. The island is a tree-covered triangle which is now at the mouth of the Jubilee River. It was a favourite area for fishing for Charles II, Henry Wotton and John Hales.
    Visited this place on a little check-up of things fairly local to me, saw it had popped up recently so thought why not. Was a good little mooch in a fabulous setting, however the extremely close railway bridge is somewhat offputting I'd imagine - if it was me lucky enough to be the purchaser of the property I'd perhaps want to build a house a little further away from the bridge! The house is situated on an Black Potts Ait - the island which gives the house it's name, and is currently for sale.

    We quickly found the slightly awkward squeeze of a way in and had a nice relaxed 45 minutes or so. There isn't much to see inside other than one fantastic fireplace in a room far too small to hold it, although it's obvious that the house was at one point much, much smaller and was at least doubled in size at some point with a large extension to one end and a smaller one to the other housing a downstairs bathroom.

    Thanks for looking :)
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    What a soul less place that is - and the exterior looks quite nice.

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    Nice house. A shame about the bannisters. The fireplaces are very large compared with the size of the room it used to heat. I've seen bedrooms about the same size but with smaller fireplaces.
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