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Thread: Winkford Farm, Surrey - June 2017

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    Default Winkford Farm, Surrey - June 2017

    This was a random find on google maps. It looked a bit more promising on satellite view!

    Had a nice relaxed solo mooch one afternoon. Very quiet spot and it was nice to chill for a while by myself after a hectic week. Bumped into an older chap who was walking his dog as I was leaving, asked him if he knew anything about it but he couldn't tell me anything other than it has been derelict for ages, that is pretty obvious from the pics.

    I have been struggling to find out any history, even the name evaded me for a while. I was driving past not long after and noticed something pinned to the gate so went back for a look. It was a planning notice with the name! The site went up for sale in 2014 for a mere £1.75 million which is a bargain for a plot of land that size in Surrey. The planning notice dated 2015 was for changing the use of the buildings but I have forgotten the details and my phone was dead so couldn't take a pic. I am sure it will eventually be leveled and more posh fancy housing built, because Surrey is desperate for more of that sort of stuff.

    Very random. A bay window inside a farm shed!

    Thanks for looking!

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    That's an interesting find. Someone must be trying to save the barn because there's scaffolding around it.
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