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Isn't it strange how Funeral homes are so rarely abandoned? Morgs are reasonably common, but I know of 1 funeral home and there are far more funeral homes than morgs. Any ideas why?

I guess there is a lot of people dying.
I did a job for owner of local funeral directors, he had 30 tom steel frame added to his house to incorporate garage with underground swimming pool under it... in other words they are minted!

I guess morgues are not needed so much cos modern medical practices they less often need to do post mortem than they did back in the day.
Think a lot of embalming goes on at funeral directors now too.

Iv only done one funeral directors & prob 15 morgues!
Yes that's the only urbex funeral directors I can find online. Weird you'd think they'd move location, or be closed down for being crap. I guess the dead don't complaint :)
yh not sure how much regulation there is but you would think they would be inspected etc.
i guess also if they move they are pretty thorough clearing everything out, as mentioned I guess its unusual for them to go bust

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