Knackered old army tanks

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Apr 17, 2022
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I use to shoot countless rounds from a GPMG at distance into those bad boys during training with sas reservists circa 2005/06. I never actually saw them up close like this.

the sqms

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May 6, 2022
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Hello folks, my friend and i recently went above ground and found these tanks. I do not know anything about tanks so sorry I cannot give info even though I tried reseacrh. Goggle was not being my pal that day :( Anyway.. these are used as targets as they are on a live MOD bombing range but it was a bank holiday and all the nice soldiers must have been having a lie in or down the pub that day. So here is some pictures. Sorry if this is not an appropriate report, I know they are not buildings or places but I think some of you people like things like this...

I think this is what they used in Northern Ireland
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I do not know what this is, someone told me it was something called a Self-propelled Gun:
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Looks like they had a nasty accident with this one!
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Close up details of big holes, I assume they are from gun bullets:
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And the last one:
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I bet someone knows what these things are, thanks for looking and best wishes :)
the top one was called a pig

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