Mayar Silk Factory, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, August 2017

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1. The History
Not too much history about on this place. The factory belonged to Mayar Silk, a premier Shanghai-based silk manufacturer, which first formed in Shanghai back in 1917. Tsai Shengbai was appointed General Manager of Mayar Silk Mills in 1937 and in 1956 he was sent to Mayar's factory in Hong Kong. Other than that there appears to be no information on this place or the plans for its future. It's been abandoned for at least 20 years and occupies extremely valuable real estate land in down-town Tsuen Wan.

2. The Explore
Bit of an afterthought this one as I'd taken all the pictures on my phone and forgotten about it. Been watching this place for the 20 years I've been going to Hong Kong for now. It's always been sealed. This time I even saw what appeared to be a live-in guard within the complex. So like last time it's just externals. Shame but this building has enough external merits to justify a report still.

3. The Pictures

37072500674_c6b1a83e13_b.jpgMaykong 12 by HughieDW, on Flickr

37733168036_a43019cca8_b.jpgMaykong 11 by HughieDW, on Flickr

37781954711_63d016ce98_b.jpgMaykong 10 by HughieDW, on Flickr

37523720750_4b5b1b5b54_b.jpgMaykong 09 by HughieDW, on Flickr

37750340862_d18c38a608_b.jpgMaykong 08 by HughieDW, on Flickr

37112101993_40ef54d29a_b.jpgMaykong 07 by HughieDW, on Flickr

37072661034_d29ce352ff_b.jpgMaykong 06 by HughieDW, on Flickr

37738371826_e09372b0dd_b.jpgMaykong 05 by HughieDW, on Flickr

37523793390_44eaf05c1c_b.jpgMaykong 04 by HughieDW, on Flickr

37782120861_7920c3a1ac_b.jpgMaykong 03 by HughieDW, on Flickr

37750499322_c376722612_b.jpgMaykong 02 by HughieDW, on Flickr

37750518692_e191790b51_b.jpgMaykong 01 by HughieDW, on Flickr

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