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Dec 24, 2019
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I work in Switzerland and have been exploring the Maginot Line Ouvrages and bunkers in the North of France and the smaller stuff around Kembs & Altkirch in Alsace.
I have also been exploring the Franco Prussian war forts around Belfort (I have identified 23 forts so far). There are a couple that are looked after by the local commune and are ideal to visit to get your bearings, then there are the ones which are derelict and a bit more difficult to find and access which are far more interesting with loads of tunnels.
I will do a bit more on the Isle of Wight when I get the time.
If anyone heads over the channel let me know and maybe meet for an explore - work permitting, there is literally thousands of places.
I would like to do some more of Verdun, there seems to be loads in the area, I only had a quick look at one fort and one shelter.

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