RAF Wendling, Norfolk, December 2022

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Jan 6, 2013
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1. The History
RAF Wendling, also known as Station 118, situated near the Norfolk town of Dereham. It was first opened in 1943 as a bomber airfield originally to be used by the RAF. It was the most northerly of the 8th Air Force heavy bomber fields and was built by Taylor-Woodrow Ltd in 1942 featuring a 1,800m long main runway angled on a NE-SW axis. The domestic sites were near Beeston to the west of the airfield while the bomb dump and ammunition stores were in Honeypot Wood to the south-east.

However, after completion, it was handed over the USAAF, who took command of the airfield and build two T2 hangars. 392nd Bombardment Group was stationed there flying Consolidated B-24 Liberators as part of the 8th Air Force's strategic bombing campaign.

Post-war it was given back to the RAF and used as a standby airfield by RAF Maintenance Command’s No. 258 Maintenance Unit. It finally closed in 1961, but found a new lease of life when the Americans used it as a radio facility until 1964. It was then returned to agriculture and part of it became a Turkey farm.

2. The Explore
Relaxed explore on the way back from an earlier explore. Would have liked to have a look at other parts of the base which are still left, including the bomb store but was a bit pushed for time so just had time to check out these remaining bits of the domestic site. Nothing spectacular but as nice way to while away half-an-hour or so.

3. The Pictures

The first Nissan hut is empty:

Some nice colours still remain:

And an old Aga:

Facilities still in situ!

Looks like this old Nissan hut is still in use as a storage facility:

That's all folks!!!

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