Reigate battle HQ - May 2021

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Aug 1, 2006
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Hi all

The last point of call on our 3 day road trip saw us enter Surrey - Gulp - Not too hard to find but it`s just a ball ake to get to and from it.
I can`t find much info on this place other it may well of been a battle headquarters for Army eastern command - the bunker complex is also known as
Monty`s hideout, oh and its bloody huge it seems to be off the "radar" and long may it stay that way, loads of stuff down there.........

Pictures - - - - - - -

Looking at one of the 3 original ways in and out, with gas seal and double blast doors.

Many many time as explorers we get to see the hidden parts of world we live in that noone ever will but we can`t connect to the past with any real sense
of reality - This place is the exception that breaks that rule, I have to say I was blown away when we did indeed find the "News paper".

Below is what left of the "Daily Herald - Saturday February 26th 1944"

Right that will do folks, thanks for looking and as always all and any comments are most welcome, as you might of guessed by now there are a metric shed
load more pictures on my FlickR site, there are also some 3000x2000 images of the news paper - so get over there and enjoy history under your feet.

Cheers Newage

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