Snailbeach District Railways and Snailbeach Lead Mine - December 2016

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Mar 19, 2006
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North West England
In December I paid a flying visit to the site of Snailbeach Lead Mine and the remains of the Snailbeach District Railway where it adjoins the mine site. Snailbeach is in Shropshire. I have been aware of the mine for some years, but have never got around to visiting. However, when driving past I spotted the road sign on the main road and turned off to have a quick 20 minute explore. I must return in the future particularly when the visitor centre is open. Though a conserved site it does look suitably derelict and is well worth a visit.

Views of Snailbeach District Railways can be found here: Snailbeach District Railways - JHLPHOTOGRAPHY

Views of Snailbeach Lead Mine can be found here: Snailbeach Lead Mines - JHLPHOTOGRAPHY

Here are some images of the railway:

Snailbeach Mine Loading Platform

Railway track leading to Black Tom shaft

Locomotive Shed

Track work and bridge abutments the point lever gave access to the locomotive depot and loading platform

Close up of the point lever

The Mine

Ore Shaking Tables stating on the railway platform.

Mine Office with George's Shaft head stock in the background.

General view of the mine site

George's Shaft head Stock

Compressor House and Crusher Plant chimney