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Aug 6, 2021
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Lancashire & London
I visited Oaklands Children's home yesterday - I didn't read the history until after I had been. Having explored mostly solo & some creepy places ive never really been ever spooked at all.... bar a few pigeons! I explored 3 floors & a basement - all floors were fine apart from one.. the main floor. Its hard to explain but I felt very very uncomfortable & uneasy. I went up & down the floors a few times - everytime I left that floor the feeling went but each time I came back I felt very unnerved inside & there was a really uneasy feeling inside about that floor - it just felt like something bad had happened there.

I have since seen the only video I have seen taken inside the old home & the guy filming it actually said the same thing in the area I was... maybe just coincidence but without doubt something didn't feel right...

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