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Post Severalls Hospital -another "final" visit -September, 2007

Severalls Hospital. September, 2007 (another) final visit!!!

Okay, still catching up with things after getting back from me hols, but managed to squeeze in another trip to me local Asylum (also known as me 2nd home!!!)
First of all, a BIG thanks to Surleygirl & Jimbo for showing me the ever so sneaky / crafty way in!
So, met up with SG and JB as planned, and bumped into a jolly decent couple, who share a genuine interest in UE and photography (sorry, but seive brain here has forgotten your UE names) -Feel free to add them when you read the post! For a warm up, we checked out the ever increasingly vandalised Orchard House, followed by a quick lap around Ivy Villa (and unbelievebly, only now have they put up fencing around Ivy Villa) -now that it's completely destroyed by another recent fire!!!
So, we cautiously approached the main buildings, me doing something of an Annika Rice style dash across the long grass!
We then headed for the first available entry point, and we were into the vast network of seemingly endless corridors.
What followed were several hours of un-interrupted exploring. Even got to see inside the Superintendent's House at the southern tip (although didn't venture too far inside due to no roof and very very dodgy floors!!)
Still, wanted to get some pics so that people can compare with earlier pics before the fire (think there's some on Simon's Urbex-UK site).
Thanks to SG & JB, I saw the Dentist's for the first time (not realising that I'd walked past it many times before!!)
So, here's some pics from a very chilled explore. Didn't see anyone else, not even Mr & Mrs Security

Hope that you'll enjoy these.


Orchard Villa & Ivy Villa.........

Onto the main Hospital complex...........

Few more to follow shortly..........


Think we're gonna need a bigger boat

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