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Default Old Victorian House, Southampton.

I adore this old Victorian detached house and always have. I think there was a very elderly person living in it until very recently. It has since been boarded up and there are signs of vandalism in the following photos which is very sad. I just hope it doesn't get bashed down by developers.

Back of property. (Note old tile floor).

Back of house. On zooming right in on the upstairs window you can make out an old tassel lampshade.

Outside toilet.

Outside toilet and someone's personal belongings.

Outside toilet door handle.

Some sort of large shed.

Back windows and back of property.

Old tiles at back of building.

Back garden

Garage/outside building

VERY old Women's magazines. The woman's weekly is from 1973.

Woman's Realm Magazine from 1974.


Looks like the Chavs have been burning something!

Front of house

Old tiles at front of property.

Front door


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