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Post ROC forum topic naming

This forum is set to become extremely busy as interest in ROC posts is very high, and after the demise of 28DL this will now become the up to date database of monitoring posts. For this reason it would seem a good idea to set a naming convention for forum threads to keep things tidy and make information about a given post easy to find.

Could people therefore please title their threads about a given ROC post in the following format:

xxxxxxx ROC Post - xxxxxxx Group - Month Year - Anything else

'Group' as used here is the name of the county as given on SubBrit. The date is optional but useful and you can add anything of particular interest AFTER the main post data. e.g. 'FSM Tube Camera', or 'Not Demolished'.

By following this convention the forum will remain tidy and easy to navigate as it fills up. If you sort the forum by thread title rather than date, you will then get all topics relating to a given ROC post together. Including the group name means people can easily find information about all their local posts with a simple search.

It is also nice to include a link to the SubBrit page within any topic.

Happy exploring,

PS I believe Krela is going to sticky this after making any appropriate edits.
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