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Feb 14, 2020
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So the thrunite archer mini pro .

Why did I request this torch for a review ??


I was out with 2 mates a while ago and I choose to go to a area of a mine not many people go to, this involves going around 2 hours into the mine system down 160ft of 60 year old ladders-threw neck deep ochre wade a further 20 minute walk, then back up 130ft of wooden ladders then around a 30ft ancient chain ladder!! At the top of this chain ladder 10ft from the top my main head torch broke ! I was on a ladder way extremely high up and my back up torches was all in my Darren drum in my bag, luckily I managed to get off and get one a torch out the drum.

How could this major risk of been resolved better i was thinking ?

The answer came a super small torch that is very very light and enough run time for a good while .

So I choose to use this torch multi times before writing this review to make sure I give a honest opinion.

Here are some quick specs.

Modes & Run-time:
- Low: 18 lumen (7.5 hours);
- High: 405 lumen ~ 157 lumen (2.8 minutes + 52 minutes);
- Strobe: 355 lumen (110 minutes).

Max output: 405 lumens.
Max run time: 7.5 hours (Low mode).
Battery: battery (Built-in).
Max beam distance: 87 meters.
Peak beam intensity: 1880cd.
Impact resistant: 1.5 meters.
Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard (2 meters).
Weight: 34 gram with battery.
Dimensions: 83mm*16.7mm
Accessories: Pocket Clip *1, ThruNite battery *1(Built-in), USB-C Charging Cable *1

For such a small torch I am happy with these run times ,it amazes me how bright this torch is on turbo mode I didn’t purchase this for considering it on max power but here it is, photo hasn’t been edited


As you can see it definitely does have the stated 405 lumens, obviously this won’t last all day just 1 hour maximum.

So when walking around you can see on the low power mode,I did quite a bit of walking on this ultra low setting, it’s far from ideal but in a emergency it’s a thumbs up this will get you out with the impressive 7+ hour battery life.
usually I Moan about the battery charging port rubber plug, this has a different design though, I think if they could use this design in more of there torches it would be a massive step forward, it has a nice seal when closed and with the waterproof and bash proof ratings, it’s all good for being attached to a caving lid and being left there to take a hard bartering for an emergency get out of sh*t torch or one for your key ring. This is a thumbs up item for me it will be-staying attached to my lid.

Some more information here
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