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Feb 14, 2020
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As a good amount of you are aware I spend most of my free time underground so torch”s are the most important part of my equipment. I have been asked countless times what is the best torch? Can you recommend me a torch ? There are guides on here which cover this very well so I won’t go into that, This is about equipment and how it stands up to the trials/tests I put it through, I hope many people can read the guides on here and then look at this review for the products true performance its reliability and my honest opinion about it.

So I always think what exactly am I buying this torch for ? I am not a light painter I am a mine explorer / caver, without going into to much detail you get walk in mine explorers and then hard core ones which is similar to caving, these require different torches all together, if your only
Walking around what you can carry is very different to if you are crawling for hours in thick mud or water pushing you backwards. so a walk in mine explorers torch is similar to someone who likes tunnels bunkers roc post anything underground you still want a good torch reliability is very important you want a torch which is proven so you can trust it. This torch also has to fit your personal budget.

My equipment.

This consists now of 3 torches

my main torch is a Roy Fellows scorpion x12 I have had this a good few years now and have only ever had 1 breakdown, This was repaired and sent back to me, these torches are proper hardcore peaces of kit and helmet minted so they are not your average urbex torches


As you can see my torches always get abused battered drowned so for anything to last it has to be very good.

Then I had a wowtac a2s in my drum for a spare sadly this has been lost “long arse story”.

I also plan on buying a new torch for attaching
To the side of my helmet and possibly another for going onto my belt for more walk in places .

So back to the review .

I have recently purchased a thrunite th30 v2.

When searching and reading guides this torch always seems to creep up and the specs are very impressive, for £55 I can’t find anything similar with the same specs from a trusted brand, I would say the only other option at this price is the wowtac a2s this has less lumens but the battery charging type I prefer more on that later.

So it arrived in the post from Amazon the quick delivery.


You get some spares a pocket clip and a note in many languages also a little fact sheet very cool. hopefully we will not be needing the spares any time soon as you get 2 years full warranty then further for cost of parts! It doesn’t actually say how to install the 0 rings yourself but it’s pretty obvious unless your a idiot. it’s very simple to use with the cycling button and double click for turbo which is nice and bright at 3320 lumens. It has a moon light setting which is great for them sneaky explores we all love doing ! I hate the strobe/sos and deem it pointless. The casing itself feels very robust and of a good quality it doesn’t have that usual cheap Chinese feel that you get from torches from a market or Asda. The head strap is good nice and soft and not to thin, I wonder if they could make a option here for attaching it to a helmet ? Maybe some clips or a few holes in the strap with some eye let’s built in ?
now I want to check it is waterproof they claim it is up to 2m in depth, this is important for when out and underground! who wants to be out with a torch that isn’t waterproof and impact resistant?

still working fine so that’s good and survived the bump test also , I still have concerns with the charging port idea , I much prefer the 18650 battery’s that you remove and charge directly into them this then removes 1 point of potential ingress, if you was crawling through major amounts of clay or dirt the cover could come undone and a peace of dirt would stop it re sealing. For everyday exploring and general use I am confident it will be fine it will only be a issue in very tough environments.
So after checking the torch is fully Charged which is simple plug and play the colour settings tell you it’s charged and can also show any active fault. It was time to take it out, I decided to do a few various mines these consisted of lots of crawling wading through water with lots of ingress from the roof so this would be pouring onto the torch from above, overall it was a tough first trip for the torch I knew it would get shaken around lots of banging during the crawls and getting very dirty. Here is a image of a large chamber I took with the light on full power.

As you can see the light has a lovely
Spread which has picked up the minerals of the walls for a good distance down the tunnel, it also has a nice punch which carries on lighting the passage for a long way ahead very impressive for £55.

The number 2 setting was perfectly good for walking/crawling around on then to double click for turbo it was ready for another photo

After around 4 hours the trip was over and the lights battery hadn’t dropped at all the indicator was still saying it was mainly full very impressed. With the option of purchasing spare battery’s this is certainly a good torch for them 12 hour trips.

A short overall conclusion.

The product arrived very quickly and well packaged no spare material causing minimal wastage, being Amazon with there guarantees cannot see any issues there. The contents is all good and clear apart from no diagrams for the spare parts. In use where it all matters I think they could cut down on the functions and maybe only have a normal setting for walking and click for turbo ? The moon light setting I also do like very handy to have. These functions could be useful for others though this might be just more a personal opinion. All the materials used are of high quality and it feels sturdy certainly ticks all these boxes, my biggest issue is if the torch is going to be getting a extremely wet life or extremely dirty the charging port could cause a issue but you do get a full 2 years warranty which is great.

I believe for a urbex point of view it’s a definite yes it’s a good torch for its money also for the walk in mine explorer a brilliant torch, it will easily handle the usual water and tough treatment being banged around dropped. For a serious caver this would make a good back up torch to have in your Darren drum or even for average trips, I will be interested to try this out in some sumps and ducks now.

this is a honest review which I have not been paid for d&b



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